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Our Personal 2018 Year In Review Personal


December 20, 2018

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Writing out these end-of-year reviews can just be a dive bomb on the heart. After last weeks post about our Business 2018 Year in Review, we knew we couldn’t leave it there. We honestly don’t believe that we’ve ever written a personal recap of our year, but today, we’re dedicating our last post of the year with a personal 2018 year in review!

*cue the tears and emotions*

Sara’s perspective:

Wow. 2018 has been a year of GROWTH. When starting this year, M and I picked a word that would encompass both our personal and professional life goals. Cultivate was our word and I believe that growth is encompassed in that. I truly believe that every year is a year with wonderful, joyful seasons and difficult, hard seasons.

In order to enjoy the good, there have to be difficulties to truly enjoy the good, right? But I (or we) promise not to be a Debbie-downer for too long! It always feel like hard seasons always feels like sneak up on us, don’t they? Hard seasons will look different for everyone, but for those who were wondering – my hard season(s) has looked like: having extreme sickness to where I couldn’t eat a lot and lost roughly 10 pounds, dealing with consistent anxiety (caused by a number of things), having friendships broken, and self-doubt in my worth as a wife, a business women, and a daughter.

These hard seasons have really taught me SO much. It is truly difficult to be open about this hard season, but this is my life and this platform isn’t just for the rose petals of life – that sometimes life is hard.


This season(s) taught me a lot about myself and how I need to trust. Not in myself, but in God. Trusting God with the seen and unseen. To trust in the season of goodness and the season of pure anxiety. It’s brought me comfort and joy during that hard time. I’ve witnessed my weakness and my need for God to continue to mold my heart into the image of His Son, Christ.

The joyful times included the unimaginable growth that I’ve had in my knowledge and my closeness with God.  It also has spread into the growth (and flourishing) of my marriage with Jake. I truly cannot thank God enough for Jake, he truly is such a blessing in my life. Jake, through the grace of God, has taught me/reminded me of my dependence upon Him for everything.

I’ve experienced a spectacular life-changing trip to the state of Washington, turning 26 surrounded by family and friends who love me, getting my first tattoo, and seeing the sights of California while seeing my Aunt and Cousin who I haven’t seen in years! In 2018, I have continued to develop deeper friendships with those already in my life and creating new friendships. Try new foods that I once declared I would never try like spicy tacos and lobster! I seriously only love pasta, cheese, white cheddar popcorn, cookies, and ice cream. A healthy diet, don’t you think? Ha!

In all seriousness, 2018 was a year where I have been blessed to cultivate so, so much. I would never change out any of the hard seasons because it honestly taught me so much. Ending this year with a grateful heart, mind, and soul.

Michelle’s perspective:

This has been a year that has been somewhat difficult, but through it all there were times of such great joy. (Wow, so happy, aren’t we? Just wait – it gets better!) Sometimes we need to look beyond our hardship or tears to find the joy.  I am so grateful to God for all that He brought me this year as it has made me stretch and grow.  As I continue into 2019, I am listening to what God has put into my heart and to strive to do what He leads me to!

It is hard sometimes as a mother to watch your children go through rough patches. I know I want to immediately rush in and make things better and sometimes you just can’t! If we are patient we also will see them work through the rough patches and become stronger and reach higher!

It was also difficult as I was just so unbelievably sad when I lost my dog Lady quite suddenly at the beginning of the year.  Then just a few months ago I had to call Sara at night to help me bring my other dog Jake into the emergency vet.   It is hard enough to lose one, but two in a year was extremely rough.  So I am thankful every day that I have my dog, Sweetpea, who just celebrated her 16th birthday. She has been with us for 15 years!

Including Sweetpea in my joy, I also have a new addition to the family, Luna, who is a 5-year-old chihuahua, that we got from a rescue group! I am also in the process of trying to get one more dog from a rescue group!  There are so many dogs out there, I encourage you to find your next one at a local shelter or rescue group!

The greatest joy I have is to be continually amazed at the wonderful woman Sara is. She is a great wife, friend, daughter and truly a great artist. Her love for the Lord can be seen in all that she does and truly lives by example. How did this mama get so blessed!? I love the time that I not only get to work with her BUT to enjoy the things together as mother and daughter.

This year found the family traveling to Niagara Falls, Canada, and Hollywood, California! With lots of great food, tons of laughs and a whole lot of love.

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To end our Personal 2018 Year In Review, we just want to say thank you…

Thank you to those of you who are consistently show up here to support us, encourage us, and promote us. You, yes you, is what makes this part of our job so, so fun! As we begin to still down for the end of 2018 and enjoy the Holiday’s, we wish you the happiest – merriest- and most wonderful Holiday celebration ever!

Keep a look out for us returning in the New Year! Until then, follow us on Instagram to see our day-to-day life/business!


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