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Mastermind Groups & The How To’s Tuesday Together's Speaking Engagement


July 18, 2019

Recently, Michelle and I spoke at our local Tuesday Together meeting all about Masterminds and Mentorships! Our focus was directly on all about how wonderful our Mastermind groups are, how to be in one, and what even is a Mastermind group! So if you missed our meeting, no worries because we are going to dive deep into what we shared!

This isn’t our first post about Mastermind groups because our very own Emily Moore (Emily Moore Photo Boutique) wrote a guest article on here all about it! You can read that article HERE! But we wanted to touch on it again in a different light than that article gives, but this doesn’t mean that you should go read! It touches on other points that this article doesn’t!

How is a Mastermind Group defined?

“A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.” – Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success / Think and Grow Rich

Why do we choose to start one?

Because we felt like this close, monthly mentoring is exactly what we needed to give ourselves direction and clarity.

We needed a group to help us actually work through the process of implementing things into our business than just going to conferences and leaving confused as to where to start or what to do!

Why joining a Mastermind Group is awesome!

  1. You will be a part of (or have created) an exclusive community – who, might we add, is there to HELP and encourage you.
    1. You have emotional support, which as small business owners we NEED this connection and support by other creatives. By having this support, you are able to build trust between each other and therefore have honest and vulnerable conversations.
  2. Networking & Advertising – not only do you expand your network (point of direct contact), but also you can advertise those in your group and receive advertising from others in your group.
  3. Collaborating – it doesn’t have to be a styled shoot, but it could be a creative work project that you find the perfect person to do it with.
  4. You’ll learn so much – while you might output a lot of help and encouragement to others, you will also learn SO much.
  5. This group will make you think BIGGER equaling you to master your mind!

Masterminds are such an incredible source for you personally and your business!

What’s the biggest worry when you first joined in on a Mastermind Group?

The time commitment!

Creating & upholding the time commitment to the group: there is a great time commitment with being involved, but it is one of those things that as a small business owner, entrepreneur, and creative that you NEED to invest in. If you’re in the right group then that time commitment is one hundred percent worth every single second.

This group also helps with your mental health in the crunch time and busy season. It gives you a much-needed break and entrepreneurs who do not get out of the house much need this time!

Same-Industry Masterminds versus Mixed-Industry Masterminds:

Our thought is that you should be in a MIXED industry Mastermind group!


You or the other(s) aren’t as open or vulnerable to share ideas or feelings in where you are at in your life and business. Secondly, you only get the SAME perspective; you don’t get to hear about advice in a new or different way. Think about it, photographers think in a similar way, but our professions don’t think the same as others. It is a great chance to see something from another perspective you never thought about!

Lastly, when hearing about the idea of others you may begin to think about how you could use their idea in your business and therefore you become untrue to your brand.

The mastermind group then turns into building your skills RATHER than building your business.

Paid mastermind versus non-paid mastermind groups:

Our feelings are this, if you are joining a paid MM group then it is sort of like a conference or a small workshop and that is great if you want that! But if you want to host or be a part of a Mastermind group for the long term and non-paid, then you’re there for your group and then yourself!

So you might be reading this going, “I want to host a MM group, but where do I start?”, well we got you covered!

Start off with figuring out some fundamental items like group number, meeting time(s), a same or mixed industry group, and a few places to meet if in person! Here are just a few of our suggestions: group limit to 4 to 5 people at most, do a mixed-industry group, meet once a month at the start and meet in the morning in person!

Lastly, just figure out where your heart and head are at in being a part of or hosting a MM group. What do you need out of this group? What are you hoping for out of this group?

How to invite them in? Honestly, ask them to coffee and tell them about your idea in a positive way and invite them in! It sounds super simple, but it really is!

What is your job as the leader of a Mastermind?

Ultimately, to lead the group that brings growth, encouragement, and structure to the group. This includes: defining how much time each person has, to keep the conversation encouraging and flowing, to set up meetings for the next time, taking notes/creating a universal place for notes to be placed.

Are you thinking about hosting your own Mastermind group and need a little help? Contact us here and we would love to chat!


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