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Creative At Heart Round Nine Recap Business/Personal


August 1, 2019

Long-time, no see, sweet reader! It has been a busy month!

Our June was packed full of weddings, sessions, this conference, and editing all of the things! Then July came and honestly went with just the blink of an eye. Last week, we did not share an article on the M&S blog to simply just take a break. When you are outputting SO much, but also inputting SO much – you can start to feel lost for words when the blank page is staring at you.

After that week and a half of rest, it’s time to jump fully back in with our Creative at Heart Round Nine recap!

A quick note before we dive in, all photographs (unless stated otherwise) are from Bethanne Arthur Photography!

For our first time coming to this, we truly didn’t know what to expect. We have been to conferences before that have gotten us more excited than we should have been. Walking in with high expectations, but leaving with those expectations unfulfilled. While it’s cool to see and be SO close to those big named stars in each industry, off the stage they seemed distant and most didn’t stay past their speech.

So over the course of the last few years, we have really stopped attending conferences and picked high-quality workshops/mentor sessions to go to.

When the Creative at Heart announced their new home in Winston Salem for round eight, we were interested! Our friends, Laura and Lauren, both HIGHLY recommended the conference. Tickets for that round came and went literally in a blink of a eye.

We waited patiently for round nine and when the information was announced, we knew we had to go! Once we purchased our tickets and got our confirmation, the next several months of waiting would be the longest.

Again, we were really excited for the conference, but we didn’t want to get our hopes up or have high expectations.

So I guess you’re wondering, did it meet our expectations?

*Let’s get to the juicy details now!*

No, the conference didn’t meet our expectations…it BLEW our expectations out of the water with how amazing it was!

What we did walk away with was more than we could ever put into words.

We’re honestly speechless at how much the conference really was what we needed. Not only was the content spot on with digging deep and being vulnerable, but with the new friendships we’ve created. People would seek us out just as we would seek people out. We hugged old friends, we meant new ones that felt like old ones, we won something #creative24/7, and every part of the conference was intentional.

The thing that we really loved that was different about the conference was that this was heart-based. It wasn’t about SEO or photography, which was in the break-out sessions, but the FOCUS wasn’t about things you can simply learn online.

The key-notes focused on scarcity, your strengths, and goal setting that isn’t like the typical “goal setting!” There were so many topics covered in the break-out sessions and time in the panel groups to chat about any questions we might have with our leaders!

We truly couldn’t be anymore thankful for the friends we got to see/hug again, for the new ones we’ve made, and for the knowledge we’ve gained.

In all honesty, we walked away with saying that this conference has sort-of ruined it for all of the other conferences because of how amazing it was. The Creative at Heart conference will see us again in the future and we seriously cannot wait.

iPhone Photo by Michelle & Sara

iPhone Photo by Michelle & Sara

iPhone Photo by Michelle & Sara

Photography by AL Weddings

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