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Sara’s Pregnancy Announcement & Update PERSONAL


October 8, 2019

Hi, hi readers! If you’re seeing this for the first time, surprise, I (Sara) am pregnant! If you’ve heard the news from social media, well I am glad you are here! I thought I would take this article and give you a quick update on how I am, the babe is, and how we told the family!

Questions You Asked:

When is the official due date?

Little babe is due March 31st, 2020!

How far along are you?

Currently, I am 15 weeks, but when I made the news public I was 14 weeks exactly. The sonagram below was the little one at 13 1/2 weeks!

Did you or do you have bad morning sickness?

Thankfully, I haven’t had the horror story of morning sickness like I have read/heard about before! There were some instances where I got sick, but only a handful of times. Mostly I had (and still am) battled rough indigestion! I took the time to understand what was happening and I figured out a solution. For those in the same boat as me, the solution is to eat SLOW, make Tums your BFF, and don’t be afraid of burping.

What are you currently craving?

At the beginning all I wanted was a Caesar salad. Then it morphored into wanting Sweet Tea and mashed potatoes, which is currently where I am at. It’s not that I won’t eat anything else, I can eat pretty much anything, but I am really want just those two things. For dinner one day recent, I literally ate an entire bowl of KFC’s mashed potatoes and I felt so happy.

How is Baby Rivers doing?

The babe is doing great! We’ve had two ultrasounds now and our third will be in early November to find out the sex of the baby! Baby R at it’s last appointment was measuring perfectly and was posing and having a dance party. Seriously, the little one is perfect. Praise God!

Are you more nervous or excited? Is Jake excited or nervous?

A few of the questions I received came back to this one here. In all honestly, I think every expecting mother is somewhat nervous. You ARE going to care for someone who depends on YOU for life. That is a little scary, but I am really also excited. I am excited to be a momma. Jake is already being SO helpful, kind, thoughtful, and supportive that I can’t wait to see him be a dad. I am excited to see our parents be grandparents. There are simply no words to cover all of my excitement!

Is this something you were expecting or planning?

We were planning on having a baby in 2020, yes! However, we didn’t think it would happen SO quickly! Without sharing too much detail, within two months of getting off of birth control, I was pregnant. Now from what I heard (from friends and the internet), it could take up to 8 months to get pregnant. So, we did want a baby, but we just didn’t expect how quick we would get one!

What is something you did expect to encounter when being pregnant?

Two things: how tired I was in the first trimester and the never ending pregnancy brain. You seriously could do nothing all day and be so sleepy. Growing a baby takes a lot of your energy. Secondly, pregnancy brain is a real thing! I will be talking and half way through I will forget my whole point. This happens daily now. NOT EVEN JOKING. It’s like the worst thing every for someone who never dealt with that before! So thankful for planners and iPhone’s that remind you of things.

How Did We Tell Our Parents:

September 15th, Jake was set to preach at an evening service at our church. We had planned this whole lunch with just the parents, since they were coming, to celebrate but to also keep Jake calm. *winky face* Since it was the week of Michelle’s birthday AND Jake’s parents moved back into their old home, we had gifts for them. Now, I didn’t want to be typical in our announcement, but very us. They opened the gifts, with no “surprise”, and it seemed totally normal. Then, I dropped the news…

“Well the second part of your gift is coming a little later. It will arrive at the end of March next year.”

Michelle’s eyes locked onto me and I shook my head yes to confirm what she was thinking. With everything connecting – everyone broke out in cheers, hugs, and a lot of happy tears!

While we were in Chicago, we were able to take our announcement photographs and we LOVE them. Thanks, Michelle, for being the best mom, nonna, and photographer ever!

I seriously need to say one thing – Jake has been such an amazing, supportive, loving, caring, thoughtful husband during this time. If I need him to get me something, he will do it. He encourages me to rest and take naps, even if I feel lazy. The house could be a disaster and he never complains, but rubs my back instead. He makes me sweet tea even though he’s tired from the day and is so dang supportive of me. I am just really thankful for him and how the Lord gave me such an amazing husband.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has sent a sweet message of love and encouragement! It truly does mean the world to us! I promise to keep you updated!


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