to the small biz owner & creative entrepreneur

 TO THE small biz owners & creative entrepreneurs

We, Michelle and Sara, completely understand the ins-and-outs of the entrepreneur hustle. You work day-in and day-out to create a dream job from a creative outlet. Michelle began this photography journey over twelve years ago when no one would share about business or photography at all! Everything was a well-kept secret and to have business friends was out of the question. Since she begins twelve years ago, small business owners and creatives have slowly changed that stuffy environment to freely sharing and growing each other.

That is where the story for this page all began, it started with the idea of community over competition. Bringing you, the small business and creative entrepreneurs, eighteen amazing packed years of knowledge and encouragement all package up just for you to relish in! 
Starting now, Michelle and Sara are offering the M&S Branding Experience and special freebies that you can download right now!!
We cannot wait to help you create the business of your dreams!

"Michelle and Sara were gems throughout our branding shoot, from start to finish. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had secured the perfect venue, The Durham Hotel, that matched our style and the overall aesthetics of our brand.

 The ladies were fantastic at capturing who Mallory and I are as individuals and as a team by posing us, offering words of encouragement and letting us have so much fun throughout the session.

Their sole focus was producing something that we could all be proud of. I am so thankful to have these beautiful humans in our corner as we launch Hosea House Collective."

- Megan Hardy, Co-Founder of Hosea House Collective