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Johnna and Brennan | Wedding


October 6, 2016


A Classy Mardi Gras Wedding At Suite 300 at Kress Terrace | Greensboro, North Carolina

Everyday, Johnna and Brennan, stand up to defend those in need. These public defenders fight for love, for justice, and for peace. Saturday, they were surrounded by colleagues, dear friends and family members to celebrate THEM and their marriage!

Johnna and Brennan had one of the most unique weddings to date!! Suite 300 was filled with rich deep purple table cloths with hints of green and gold for a Mardi Gras themed wedding! To have something special between the two of them, they had custom converse shoes made! On the back of the heel it read their wedding date, hers converse were classic white and his was classic black.

The first look was a private moment shared between Johnna and Brennan. It was spectacular! His reaction was just one of pure happiness as she took his breath away! Her reaction was of pure joy and excitement! We couldn’t stop getting all teary eyed because of just how pure this moment felt. Walking around downtown Greensboro was just delightful! Brennan and Johnna loved finding these little nooks of beauty with us! It was a glorious day of photographing these two amazing people, our hearts could not have been more full!

The wedding ceremony was created to fit this unique background with special touches different from other ceremonies! The ceremony was preformed by their dear friend and colleague.  They had two different readings by two of their attendants. They held a stone engraved with their names, holding it with the other as they said their vows to one another. And their vows took our breaths away! Johnna spoke of the five languages of love. She vowed to love him in all five ways. Promising to tell him that she will love him everyday and to give him gifts throughout their marriage. Brennan’s hands shook as he held his vows looking at his stunning bride. He told her how much he loved her, how dedicated she was to serving those she defends, that he will do the same for her. His hope was, “that when I am gone, my grandchildren will look back at my life and see how much I loved and cherished you.” Everyone was shedding tears at this point!

Last, but not least, was the FUN grand exit Johnna and Brennan had planned! This is the perfect non-sparkler exit for those who need a beautiful idea! Guests were handed ribbon wands that had gold, purple, and green ribbon! Then guest stood in two rows creating a tunnel for the bride and groom to dance down in! Johnna carried the New Orleans umbrella while Brennan work a colorful top hat! We cheered Johnna and Brennan off with lots of love and happiness!

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Congratulations, Johnna & Brennan!! Happy honeymooning in Mexico!!


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