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A Crisp Fall Pilot Mountain Engagement Session Ian & Becca


October 26, 2017

This sweet couple is so near and dear to Sara and I’s heart. I became friends with Ian’s aunt, Donna, when Ian was just a little boy. Our families had gatherings together, all of our kids went to the same middle/high school, and we always remained connected. Early last year, Donna’s son – Taylor married Lyz down at Jeannette’s Pier in April! At Taylor’s wedding, we were all able to catch up with one another!

Now onto Ian and Becca’s story! Right before Taylor’s wedding, Ian and Becca met one another. They were going to the same church and Ian found out that they were actually going to the same gym. Becca is a gym instructor and one day Ian took a step out to talk to her. After Taylor’s wedding, Ian left to go on a missions trip with his church and they didn’t stay in contact. Yet, they reconnected after he returned and you could say that the rest is history!

It was so sweet when we asked them about how Ian proposed. Becca blushed and said that she had no idea it was about to happen! Ian kept looking for the perfect moment to propose! They were taking a camping trip with their friends near the beach. Becca brought her dog with and when they were told the dog couldn’t be on the beach it through a kink into their plans. They all decided to go with plan b and head back to the camp grounds. When Becca and her friend went to the restroom, Becca’s other friend told Ian to propose by the campfire and that they would leave! So the gentlemen hid behind the bushes and Becca’s friend came to steal the other friend away to the bathroom again to let Becca go back to Ian alone.

Becca, not realizing what was going on, then followed them back into the bathroom, so her friends had to break away fast. On the way back as Becca started to walk in front of her friends, they ran to hide behind some bushes. When Becca realized they were no longer behind her, Ian was standing there in front of her. We remember Ian saying that he was so nervous, focused on getting them alone, he didn’t know what he would say.  So as he was telling her how much he loves her, he pulled out the ring and he asked her to be his wife. Of course she said yes!

Ian and Becca love the outdoors and wanted something gorgeously unique for their engagement session. So when they proposed going to Pilot Mountain, we didn’t hesitate! It was AMAZING. (Can we please go there again?!) We cannot wait for their gorgeous wedding next year at the Stockroom! Until then, enjoy just a few of our favorite photographs from their Pilot Mountain engagement session!


Are you recently engaged and want to have your engagement session photographed at Pilot Mountain? Contact us here to learn more!

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