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How To Care For & Prepare Your Pets During Your Wedding Guest Blog Article

The Educated Bride

September 5, 2019

It’s time for a little M&S blog article bring back with one of our most popular blogs to date with our sweet past M&S bride, Lora, is a dog trainer who loves and adores her sweet pups!

After you say yes to your (now) fiancé, the wedding planning officially begins! As Lora says, “Suddenly everyone needs all the details about your Big Day. You’re expected to know your color scheme, theme, and date as soon as you begin calling your close friends and family.” Yet, in the midst of all these decisions, it can be easy to overlook a very important member of your family. Your dog is about to go through some very big changes, too. If you aren’t living together with your partner before the wedding bells chime, your pooch will have to handle some new family dynamics once you return from your celebrations.

Even if your fur-baby already enjoys your significant others company, the new furniture items, constant companionship, and the possibility of a new home can be overwhelming.

Make sure that you, your partner, and your puppy spend as much fun time together as possible between now and your nuptials.

Also, consider who will care for your animals during your Big Event. Since most family members and close friends will be getting an invite to the wedding, it’s best to look for a professional sitter or boarding facility to avoid any lapses in etiquette or hurt feelings from a friend looking forward to an invitation.

Unless your dog (or cat) has intensive medical needs, I recommend keeping them out of their Vet’s Office for an extended stay. They’ve already associated that place with anxiety-inducing experiences, so asking them to stay there for a weekend or more puts undue stress on your furry companion.

If possible, choose a boarding facility that will let your dog in and out multiple times a day, and give them lots of personable attention rather than leaving them crated or kenneled throughout the day.

Here are some questions to ask of your boarding facility:

  1. Do they give tours? All boarding facilities should be happy to provide tours to any potential clients. If this question results in a harrumph or a list of one-hour tour windows, it could mean that the boarding facility does not maintain their buildings throughout the day.
  2. What cleaning agents do you use? This is a great question to figure out just how professional the staff is at the boarding facility of your choice. Anyone giving a tour should be knowledgeable about when, how, and what they use to clean their facility.
  3. Do you allow toys? Some boarding facilities do not allow toys due to potential choking hazards or aggressive interactions. If they tell you that they do not allow toys, then you won’t have to lug a suitcase full of the things with you when you drop off your pooch.
  4. When is the best time to drop off? To prevent a backlog of check-ins at the last minute, any good receptionist will be happy to tell you when their slower to open hours are. This also prevents the logistical headache of maneuvering around other hyper and unknown animals as you drop your pup off.

Professional Pet Sitters are another great option if your dog is an anxious one. They will visit your pets in their own home to love and care for them.

A few things to consider when researching Pet Sitters:

  1. Are they actually Professional? Letting your neighbor’s 15-year-old daughter stop by to visit your dog might seem like the simplest of solutions, but what happens if our pet has a medical emergency while you’re away? Professional Pet Care Specialists are educated on Animal Behavior and First Aid.  They can handle awkward or potentially dangerous situations with poise and professionalism.
  2. Are they Insured? Heaven-forbid something should happen to your pet while you are away. If something would come to pass, a Professional Pet Care Specialists have already invested in Liability Insurance to help everyone that that horrible situation.
  3. Are they legally bonded to their services? If a pet sitter shows up to meet your family without a contract in hand, turn them away. A Professional Pet Care Specialist should have a contract handy that outlines the terms and limitations of their services and costs.

Planning a wedding can be exciting, frustrating, and terrifying, sometimes all at once! I know I have just added to the list of questions you need to be answered, but they are important ones to know. As you plan your pet’s vacation, remember to take a Staycation from the schedules, swatches, and song lists whenever you can, to keep your relationship with your partner and your pooch healthy and reduce any potential anxiety caused by this great new adventure.

Are you planning a move along with your wedding? Check out my post on preparing your pets for a new place HERE.


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