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Our 2019 Business & Personal Recap Business & Personal


December 19, 2019

This yearly recap is going to be a little different than years previous. Our 2019 recap will compose of all categories of our year put into ONE – business and personal! Now, this is one of our favorite articles to write for the blog ALL YEAR because we get to have time to reflect on the incredible year we’ve been given.


It is hard for us to show all of the business items that we’ve accomplished this year because this was our year of refinement. We did a LOT of inward work and goodness has it felt good. We refined our website with a copy that is directly speaking to our couples. Our workflows were refined to clearly define who does what role internally and to serve our clients/vendors better. We refined our office (maybe it might need a touch-up, but hey we did it!)! And we refined what we wanted in our business, out of our business, and the things we wanted most in life outside of the realm.

It’s like our sweet friend Jess Jordana said in her latest IG post: “It’s not wrong to launch a shiny new dream, but it’s also not wrong to refine and keep pursuing an old one.” WHEW, YES, AMEN.

And that is exactly what we did this year – we REFINED our business. We knew that we wanted to continue in our dream, but bring change about to have it be all that it could be. Our business may have not looked super busy from the outside, but on the inside, we were hustling. We were working on the things that you may never see, but that bring us greater joy to have done.

Along with that, we were able to photograph amazing weddings, engagement sessions, and bridals! We even branched out to do some lifestyle sessions that include a proposal, family session, AND a senior session! Keep scrolling to see some of our highlights from 2019!


Now it’s time for the personal side of 2019! Like the business, we made the choice to have “refine” as a part of our personal life as well. We wanted to really work on our homes to create them into life-giving homes. It was important to us to continue our no-work weekends on those rare weekends off.

Sara’s POV:

Wow, while this year was a year of refining things, it definitely was a year of change. Halfway through the year, Jake and I decided that we were going to start trying to become parents. In all honesty, which I shared more about it here, but we didn’t expect it to happen so fast. However, in the first few months of being pregnant, I faced a lot of trials I didn’t think would come. This includes a lot of things that personally, I don’t feel at liberty to share out in the public, but it was trying. It was definitely trying in a time that my energy was NOT at it’s greatest.

But there are truly moments of goodness in this year that came out of trials. Not only are having a sweet little baby boy, and that he’s changing me, but that I craved connection. I wanted a deeper, richer faith to blossom with God. I knew that I needed to make big changes in my daily habits to make room for that. I wanted a deeper connection with those around me and I knew that would only flow out of my connection with God. I truly stopped valuing what others thought of me first and did what poured into me to make me happy. By 12/31, I will have read through the entire New Testament! I made room for more rest and gave myself grace to not having everything, including my house, perfect.

Michelle’s POV:

Where did this year go as this year has seemed to have just flown by! I have learned that while we may have a path we are traveling on, sometimes the wind comes along and pulls us in a new direction. So I am continuing to learn how to be flexible and move with the changes. Knowing that at all times God is directing my steps, even if I am unsure of my footing.  I am hoping to finish the New Testament as well as Psalms & Proverbs (as I am quite a few days *cough 23* behind) by December 31st.

I have enjoyed these last few months watching Sara’s pregnancy, she is so gorgeous!  I don’t think I will ever forget the look that Sara and I exchanged after she told us. With tears in our eyes I look at her, and she shook her head yes, oh my heart is so full!!  We have enjoyed many moments talking about *all things baby* and it just brings joy to my heart.  Life has simply gotten sweeter.

The joys this year were so amazing, yet there were some bittersweet ones too, the loss of my dog Sweetpea.  I had her for 16 years 2 months and I treasured every moment with her. I tell you that her little paw prints are forever stamped on my heart, I still shed tears when I think of her, I miss her snuggles, love and her attitude! Needless to say for me she will furever be missed!

Now as we gear up for 2020, both personally and professionally, let us take you down our personal memory lane!

a young woman holding up a letterfolk small sliverframed letter board with the word refine for 2019 goal blog post

To end this incredible (but lengthy) post, we just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to those who read these articles, thank you for following along on our journey for another year, just thank you. We are so grateful for you! As we take the next two weeks off to enjoy family and friends – we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! We will see you in the first full week of the year to bring you our 2020 goals! Until then, follow us on Instagram to see all of the holiday celebrations!


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