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7 Trending Ways to Pop the Question Guest Article | The Educated Bride

The Educated Bride

January 23, 2020

You’re ready to propose. You know that she’s The One. You have a ring. So, what comes next? Planning a memorable proposal is a must. Every bride wants an exciting engagement. Think about your bride-to-be, her personality, and the nature and history of your relationship. What will make her swoon? Let these trendy proposals inspire you!

1. Recreate Your First Date

One trendy idea is to recreate your first date in its entirety. This option is even better if your first date was a little less than perfect because you have the opportunity to correct it. Your wife-to-be may not realize what you’re doing, but that adds to the surprise.

Try to dress in the same outfit that you wore on your first date. Head to the same place, whether it’s a movie theater or a restaurant. You can even order what you ate the first time. Get the staff in on the surprise so that you can sweep your fiance off her feet.

2. Engage with an Epic Event Proposal

New Year’s Eve is easily one of the most popular holidays for surprise proposals, but it’s not the only special occasion that has boyfriends dropping to one knee. While an NYE proposal is both romantic and symbolic, there are several other sentimental and exciting events and holidays — like the ever-popular Valentine’s Day — that loved ones use to their advantage when asking, “Will you marry me?”

You have endless options to tailor your event or holiday engagements. From hot air balloon festivals to trivia night proposals, the possibilities are far and wide. You can be sneaky and gather the family around or take an intimate approach with just the two of you. It all depends on you two, your hobbies, passions, and relationship.


3. Decide on a Destination

Take your would-be-betrothed on an exotic getaway before you pop the question. You might choose to have your family and friends join you to celebrate the event, or you could plan a vacation for just the two of you. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

The only (other) question is, where do you want to go? Always consider your lover’s preferences, too. Has she always wanted to visit Costa Rica? It’s a gorgeous pick for a destination proposal. “Tropical destinations and exotic getaways may often be known for destination weddings, but places like this also make for some of the most romantic places to propose,” Alfred Decarolis, owner of Casa Teresa, explains. “Costa Rica has incredible beaches and a wide assortment of things to do, from hiking to waterfalls, horseback riding and more that make for memorable engagements.”

4. Pop the Question in a Photo Booth

A photo booth proposal is lighthearted but magical. Photo booths are trendy on their own, but the photo booth proposal takes them to a higher level. The best part is that you’ll get to capture the surprise and delight of your true love’s face. Imagine her expression when you pull out the ring as the two of you are making funny faces! You can use the photos for your engagement announcement.

5. Put Together a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt is involved, but it’s out-of-this-world romantic. As you put it together, you can create clues that allude to your relationship and everything you’ve gone through as a couple. The clues can also lead to places that feature in your relationship, such as where you first met and the location of your first date. In addition to thrilling your bride-to-be, the two of you will have the clues as mementos of the proposal.

6. Create Message of Love in an Unexpected Place

If you’re creative, then you can make your own proposal. For example, custom order a jigsaw puzzle that asks, “Will you marry me?” or some variation thereof. Do you want to be a bit extra and over-the-top? See about creating your very own crossword puzzle with clues that pertain to your relationship.

7. Involve a Four-Legged Friend

Do you have a pet? Pet proposals are on-trend and too cute. They can be simple or elaborate, depending on your pet. It might be easier to attach the ring to your dog’s collar, but there are endless other possibilities. Whatever you choose, your partner will love the inclusion of her fur-baby.


How will you pop the question? Remember to share the details with us! We can’t wait to hear about your engagement.

About the Author | Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She enjoys writing about events, travel, decorating trends, and innovations for the home, but also covers developments in HR, business communication, recruiting, real estate, finance, law, and investing.

Don’t forget that your proposal is a beautiful thing to photograph! Email us at michelle@michelleandsara.com today to have us capture that once in a lifetime moment!




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