to the small biz owner & creative entrepreneur

 the m&s branding experience for creatives

For a unique mother-and-daughter, two lead team - we completely understand how important strong, heartfelt, and natural branding imagery is to our business. It's about creating that connection piece. Our branded photographs are the doorway in for potential clients to connect with our hearts behind the camera and why continuing their legacy is so important to us. Brand imagery and website copy work hand-in-hand to create a perfect experience for our ideal client(s) to fall in love with us without even meeting us first!In our branding experience, whether it be the refresh or foundational session, our goal is to know your story - your heart - and express it beautifully through clean, brand-centered imagery.
We cannot wait to help you create the branding imagery of your dreams!

"Michelle and Sara were absolute gems throughout the entire experience; from getting to know me and my brand to finding the perfect backdrop and staging beautiful shots. AS A BUSINESS OWNER, IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS THAT REALLY MATCH YOUR COMPANY'S AESTHETICS AND SHOWCASE THE PERSON (OR PERSONS) AT THE HELM AND MICHELLE AND SARA WILL DELIVER. 


I am so lucky to have these talented ladies in my corner as Hosea House Collective continues to grow."

- Megan Hardy, Founder of Hosea House Collective